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Let your attendees connect across events and build a community.

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Make sure your attendees will come back and visit your conference next year. Create your event and publish it to Goodevent platform where your attendees can access it as a mobile and web app. Enhance their experience and get the most out of your event with ready-to-use social network.

How it works
Trust technology

Let your event
stand out

Go paperless

Get rid of paper and put your trust in technology.

Be efficient

Optimize your data flow and save time. Have everything in one place.

Take control

Update your information in real-time and send push notifications.

Boost engagement

Reach your crowd and let them reach you.

Be smart

Learn from analytics and gather feedback from your attendees.

Please your crowd

Give your attendees what they want and make their experience better.

How it works

Create your event

Simply create your event in our admin interface with your content. Fill your schedule, upload pictures and enable different features. Sign up so you can come back any time and save your data.

Create your event

Once your data are up you can easily publish your event and invite your attendees to join through #hashtag of your choosing at or through our native app on iOS and Android.

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Custom schedule

Your attendees will never miss anything.


Keep your attendees informed and up-to date.


Engage audience with interactive questions.


Your audience's opinion matters.

Social wall

Real-time social buzz in one place.

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